Lunar Mission One was envisioned as the first international publicly funded exploration of space.

The project plans to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon and intends to create the first permanent archive of life on Earth. The associated non-profit trust hopes to develop a worldwide programme of educational engagement and support for future space missions.

This site is inspired by the potential of our collective endeavour and features original art, poetry and commentary about the project...

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The Moon

The Moon is earth's constant companion. Every human that has ever walked upon our world has experienced its physical and cultural force.

Lunar Mission One is more than an invaluable scientific expedition, it is our chance to share in constructive cooperation towards a common goal.

Moon and Song

I see you now,
And then,
Against the blue of daylight hour,
In night with breath of star and chill of air,
As new,
As dark,
As full with face,
As hope reflects the light of sun stream down on me,
I fill with thought and feeling strong,
As you this moment ever pulls my heart,
You are a part from me,
And I with you in dance and song.

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About The Gallery

Lunar Mission One is a priceless opportunity - a global project with the promice of bringing us closer together. We will not only come to understand more about the earth and moon, but through the encouragement of young and old, expert and novice, and those from every corner of our world - we have started on an extraordinary collective endeavour.

My contribution here is to follow the mission with thoughts, artwork and writing. I hope in some small way this gallery comes to express my sense of awe and wonder of our world, our closest planetary neighbour, and the importance to our future of a journey shared.

Mike de Sousa

Moon and Earth